Things You Need to Know About SEO


“I want SEO”. This is what we often hear as a first request from potential new clients. Seems pretty straightforward: you want to appear higher in relevant search results so you can get more website visitors and you want it yesterday. It’s a little bit like ordering coffee in a fancy hipster place: more complicated than it sounds.

Things You Need to Know About SEO

What most people don’t know is what “ SEO” will entail. All they know is they need it to rank higher. Sometimes this can lead to difficult discussions with clients, as there are many things that are SEO and when there are budget constraints we must make choices. If there are constraints it makes sense to focus on the low hanging fruits: quick and easy tweaks that yield the fastest results. One of the main ones is the Technical aspect of SEO. Now, this may sounds like Sci-Fi witchcraft but it basically means that we fix all technical errors and optimize your website for speed. “My website doesn’t have errors, it was built by a pro”, I hear you thinking. Well, it was probably built by a pro but not an SEO pro: that is where we step in!

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the first step to make your website rank higher in search engines. If the search engine has a hard time processing your website it will penalize it. The same applies to a human visitor: if your clients don’t like being on your website or have a hard time getting around that is a problem.

How much of an impact can technical SEO have?

The last client we started doing SEO for saw the traffic increase with 66% and the number of new user with 73% – in the first month!! All of this without having started producing SEO friendly content. This is something that we see often: you have content on your website but it is not being leveraged properly. All because of a few structure, technical and speed issues.

What did we do?

Just like a Michelin star chef, we don’t reveal 100% of the recipe. But in general we optimized the internal linking structure (what page links to what page in your website), we made sure the metadata was on point (describing your pages to Google in the right words) and we worked on speed optimizations (get rid of unnecessary things and make sure things flow FAST). There are some more elements to this dish but these are the basics.

Simple right? Chapter 1 of the beautiful fairytale “ranking higher”. These really are quick gains that can have a great impact on your online performance. Remember what Eek-a-Mouse says “how can you build a house where there is no foundation?”

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